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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 26, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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only on 2, hundreds of stolen items, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops found stashed by thieves in a storage unit. >> the theft of cell phones and electronics, it's the type of crime that happens to people every day all around the bay area. now san francisco police have recovered hundreds of stolen items in a bust. investigators give amber lee an exclusive look at what they've recovered. >> reporter: police tell me
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they found hundreds of stolen items inside a storage unit, similar to the ones you see behind me. now they're trying to determine if these suspects are part of a larger ring. investigators showed us the hundreds of laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other stolen goods found in just one storage locker. the sting began last thursday morning. it started here at 7th and market. police tell me this is a known hot spot for thieves fencing stolen goods. >> we were able to see them loading and unloading. >> reporter: police say these items were taken during home burglaries, car break-ins, or just snatched from a victim's hand. some were stolen from stores. thieves lined backpacks with aluminum foil. >> it disabled the sensors. >> reporter: and it can disrupt
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gps tracking. >> a lot of these had power, too, when we found them. so they were newly stolen. >> reporter: now investigators are trying to return these items to their owners. charles fisher tells me his home was broken into eight days ago. he filed a police report. police say it was key in helping them track down fisher. >> i had no idea i would ever get it back. >> that was a nice surprise. >> yeah. >> i guess a really sick terminally ill woman, who owns this ipad, and they were able to return it to her. >> reporter: police have arrested these three san francisco men. they're facing several charges, including grand theft, conspiracy, and receiving stolen property. they say more arrests may be coming, and they're looking for the ringleader. they'll be posting these items on the san francisco post
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website. police are advising people to record the serial numbers of their electronic goods, so it makes it easier for them to track. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. continuing coverage now of the massive rim fire, burning out of control in and around yosemite national park. tonight, firefighters are starting to make some progress. the u.s. forest service now puts containment at 20%. that's up from 15% earlier today. more than 160,000 acres, and 23 structures have burned so far. in all, 4500 structures are still said to be threatened. >> this is also now the 13th largest fire in california history. one casualty of the rim fire is berkely's toulumne camp. now the family camp is changed forever. it's wooden structures that withstood the test of time have
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all burned to the ground. ken wayne, live in berkely, where a big crowd turned out tonight to share memories of the camp, and also its effect on their lives. >> reporter: frank, two hours after the event started, there's still a couple of dozen people lingering here in downtown berkely. we've seen candlelight vigils for people, but rarely, if ever, do you see such an emotional gathering for a place. >> lighting candles, thousands of people gather to remember a summer camp. >> it's so beautiful. the river. i had grandchildren that have been swimming there. it's sad to think it's gone. >> it's built 90 years ago?
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it just had this aura about it. stepping back in time. no cell phone signal, no wi-fi. >> i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: now the camp is in ruins, consumed by the fast moving rim fire. the smoking remnants that has left long time camp goers -- >> it was really scary. >> reporter: she was so hurt by the loss, she organized tonight's vigil, and was overwhelmed by the response. >> i did not expect this many at all. this morning, i thought like 10 people would show up. >> reporter: tonight, one last camp song, remembering the good times shared by so many. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the camp director wouldn't speak on camera, or
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speculate about what happens next, if the camp can even be rebuilt, the feeling here is, it won't have the character, or charm of the place it that touched so many lives. live in berkely, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. the san jose camp near groveland has closed for the season about a month early. the camp also lost equipment, and supplies. in the coming weeks, the staff plans to remove trees that could potentially fall. california governor jerry brown visited the fire lines today, and promised as much help as needed. today, those who lived near the fire attended a public meeting to learn what's being done to protect their homes. live in sonora, robert. >> reporter: some of the evacuees here, attended that
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big community meeting tonight. people wanted information and re assurance. the same thing the governor seemed to be looking for during his visit today. >> questions about the red cross shelter. >> reporter: hundreds of people filled sierra bible church in sonora tonight. for a chance to ask the national forest service, as well as state and county agencies direct questions. >> how much time would a resident have? >> how many miles does it have to progress? >> reporter: mike dewitt said overall, fire crews have managed to set up effective fire lines. >> we made good progress along the toulume river today. we're confident that's going to hold. >> it's been very scary. >> never gone through this before. >> did this meeting help? >> it absolutely did. >> reporter: the fire is still
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active around yosemite, and the hetch hetchy reservoir. >> every day, we take a look at it, and i'll certainly not hesitate to call president obama if i think we need more than we have. >> i guess it shows the whole state is doing everything they can to put it out. that's definitely reassuring. >> reporter: tonight, fire and emergency officials told the community the governor has people ready to come in to evaluate what additional resources will be needed. live in sonora, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. wanting to assure residents that water from the hetch hetchy is safe to drink.
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some ash has been detected in the water, but so far, officials say it has not affected the water's purity. they have increased the water to other reservoirs in the system. let's turn now to meteorologist rosemary orozco, tracking the conditions for us. >> yes, in which case, we'll be looking at the good with the bad here. you can see, we've got storms wrapping around this ridge of high pressure and the flow around it, sending them into southern california, and eventually over areas of the fire. i want to show you the arrows here. as we get going tomorrow, that is going to actually reach a little bit farther. let me show you the time stamp, tomorrow morning, we start out mainly dry. but as the day moves on, that line of rain moves in. now the rain is a good thing. the threat of the lightning is not so good. so of course, we'll be watching how this plays out tomorrow.
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meanwhile, i'll come back in just a few minutes with your local forecast. new video of a deadly crash on interstate 280 in burlingame. the highway patrol says two men in their 30s were killed, and a third person was injured when a white suv went off the road, and then about 10 to 15 feet down an embankment. it happened on the northbound side of 280. the chp says it's not clear at this point why the driver lost control. no word yet on the names of the two victims. the one person injured was taken to stanford hospital. vandals destroyed a play structure at an oakland school, where a young homicide victim was set to be a student. today was the first day of school at fruitvale elementary. we learned today, that shortly after alishia was killed last
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month, vandals burned down the play structure. parents say children shouldn't have to witness acts of vandalism on the campus of their on school. >> they're children. what are they supposed to play with? what somebody gets out of that, i can't even imagine. >> parents are working on getting sports equipment, such as jump rope and balls to keep the kids busy until a new play structure can be installed. oakland school officials are working on solving a grow be problem. the surprising number of kindergartners missing from class. the highway patrol arrested a nanny today at marin county on suspicion of driving while drunk when she went to pick up two children after their first day of school. >> officers say 46-year-old gnat lynn win was the driver, the children had not yet gotten
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into the car. they were picked up, then held at the school until their parents could come and get them. walnut creek police hope additional surveillance video might help solve a bold smash and grab. the video was shot in a lot near broadway plaza on the morning of august 15 when the crime occurred. it showed six people gathering in the lot. later, two men are seen taking license plates off what police say is the getaway vehicle. police are looking for three separate cars in the video. the truck that was used to smash through the front doors of tiffanies, allowing the thieves access to the jewelry cases can also be seen on that video. >> a tale about a snake attack. >> i said what snake? >> how thieves are using it to get inside bay area homes and take everything they can. plus -- >> we started today with fog and drizzle. i'll show you what to expect tomorrow morning. and next -- >> some people are making their final drive across the old east
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span of the bay bridge. the good news some commuters didn't know about until we told them tonight. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this labor day, don't invest in a mattress until you visit a sleep number store. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599. and through labor day only, save 50% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. now to the new bay bridge. we're counting counsel to the -- down to the closure of the current bring, which is just two days away. take a look at the new eastern span. it is all lit up, and beautiful tonight, and set to open just after labor day. we're learning people could begin driving the new span of
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the bridge sooner than expected. >> live at the toll plaza, where the timeline is becoming clearer. >> reporter: it is. it will be business as usual out here until wednesday at 8:00 p.m. that's of course when everything shuts down. the new span of the bay bridge is supposed to open no later than tuesday morning. that's next tuesday. it's now looking and sounding more like officials could clear the way for traffic to start flowing again before the sun sets on labor day. it's a changing of the guard. 24 years in the making since the section of the bay bridge collapsed during the earthquake in 1989. >> are you excited about the new bridge? >> reporter: it's all business at the toll plaza, and the drivers. >> i'll pace myself. i kind of expected this. >> reporter: carpenter randy morris was happy when we told him he might be able to use the new bridge by late monday.
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>> if they open it monday night, that would be great. >> reporter: there's a little bit of electrical work going on. >> bridge officials say the new span is almost ready for traffic. it's likely crews could be finished with paving, striping and removing barrier royals before the official chain cutting. >> reporter: the bridge could be reopen within hours after that. the weather isn't expected to cause delays. >> that's what i've heard. that's one reason why labor day is so important, historically, the weather has been so good to us. >> reporter: michael has been snapping time lapse photos of construction for the last four years. he's glad this part of the project is almost finished. >> i just can't wait to have it done. as a commuter, i'd like to have it finished. >> reporter: a permanent fix won't be completed until after it opens next week. the bike path won't open until noon next tuesday. a very careful demolition of
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the old east span of the bay bridge will take years. we're live at the bay bridge toll plaza, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details on transportation alternatives during the closure, b.a.r.t. will add trains overnight. overnight stops will only occur at 14 stations. including sfo, three stations in san francisco and three in oakland, berkely. el cerrito, concord, and bay fair. caltran delivered an optimistic test on the stress testing of bay bolts. some test bolts are being dunked into saltwater and pulled apart to see how susceptible they are to a marine environment.
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they held up well with just one that snapped over the weekend. >> 85% of the ultimate capacity, which is more than they ever see in service. one of those rods did fracture. >> caltrans is still trying to term how many of the rods and bolts will actually need to be replaced. go to for a special section to help you get around during the bay bridge closure. for students starting the new school year at one lemry school in oakland, there may have been more than the usual first day jitters. two junk girls were injured in a shooting yesterday, just two blocks away. >> the banners here are a sign of the first day of school for the oakland unified school district. but yesterday, two blocks away, at 104th two girls, ages 8 and 11 were grazed by bullets
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intended for a 17-year-old. the shooter opened fire around 2:30 in the afternoon. we're told the woman and young girls were leaving a home they were visiting, and they got caught in the crossfire. no one was seriously hurt. it's these types of situations, he has to be prepared to deal with. >> many are dealing with things that other children don't have to deal with. >> he says one of the faculty members is related to the family hurt yesterday. >> when you come inside our campus, you'll see students are learning. it's a safe environment. it's a very caring environment. but unfortunately on the streets outside of our school, it's an unfortunate case. >> reporter: police showed her where bullets ricocheted off her home during yesterday's shooting. afraid to go on camera, all she could say was it's time to leave. oakland police would not comment on camera today about
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the shooting. they've made no arrests. in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. turns out, friending certain people on facebook could be bad for your credit score. new reports indicate, lending companies are evaluating the social connections of their loan applicants to credit worthiness. obviously, delinquent friends won't score you any points. another milestone for facebook stock today. it closed just above $41 a share. you can expect less fog in the forecast as we get going tomorrow morning. skies are mostly clear right now. the time stamp reads tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., patchy fog confined to the coastline just inside the bay. mostly sunny skies, and for the
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children attending the san ramon valley unified school district. it is the first day back of school. upper 50s in the school district. 78degrees. as you're coming home in the afternoon, 87 in the forecast for you. it's going to be mostly sunny, and warm. for most, a warmer day tomorrow. 78 for vallejo. 81 in red bhood city, when i come back, i'll have a look at tomorrow's highs. your morning starts to the day, what you can expect, a cool down in time for the weekend. thunderstorms have triggered flash floods from palm springs to las vegas. this is video of a wall of water and mud rolling through the town of needles yesterday. the woman who took the video says the force of that water toppled several telephone and power poles. we're also hearing a 77-year- old woman was killed near needles when her car fell into
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the water. the slippery scam to lure bay area residents from their homes. >> i have no idea at all. >> at 10:30, the warning tonight from police and what you need to know, so you don't become a victim. >> up first, continuing coverage on the crisis in syria, as the u.s. prepares to take military action.
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the obama administration appears poised to take military action against syria after last week's large scale chemical attack. secretary of state, john kerry made the clearest justification yet. he said there is undeniable evidence. kerry called last week's attack, a moral obscenity. >> what we saw in syria last
10:25 pm
week should shock the conscious of the world. it defies any code of morality. >> reporter: the navy has four ships in position for a possible strike. the white house may provide additional details about the use of chemical weapons in syria as soon as tomorrow. president obama reached out to members of congress to brief them on the situation. european allies are also discussing an appropriate response. the u.s. would likely launch tomahawk cruise missiles from those ships in the mediterranean. the president says he has ruled out putting american troops on the ground in syria. u.s. stock markets drifted lower today after the obama administration increased pressure on syria. the dow industrials fell 64 points. nasdaq was a fraction lower. the markets had been up before the comments about syria's use of chemical weapons. the u.s. treasury secretary is urging congress to raise the
10:26 pm
nation's debt limit as soon as possible. in a letter to congress, he says federal funds will dry out in mid-october. unless the government agents, the government will no longer be able to pay its bills. failure could put social security payments at risk, along with money for veterans. state senator mark leno wants to take action against russia and its new laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. for example, a public kiss or displaying a rainbow flag are grounds for arrest. his resolution passed a committee today. a 33-year-old army staff sergeant with ties to the bay area was awarded the medal of honor today for his heroic actions for a deadly fire fight in afghanistan. ♪ [ music ]
10:27 pm
during a white house ceremony, ty carter was honored for his bravery. during a 2009 attack, carter is credited with killing enemy soldiers, resupplying ammunition to american fighters, and risking his own life for an american soldier. today, president obama spoke directly to carter's children. >> if you want to know what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too far. you just have to look at your dad. >> following the ceremony, staff sergeant carter talked about his own struckle with post traumatic stress disorder, and encouraged everyone to look at what he called the invisible wounds of war. still to come. >> empty jewelry boxes looted by burglars who struck twice in a week. the trick they used to get into
10:28 pm
victims' homes. >> plus, a child psychologist convicted of molesting children learns his fate.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
the snake scam has struck again. burglars lured a fremont couple out of their home, then looted it while their backs were turned. debra villalon is live in the neighborhood. the second place this has happened in a week. >> reporter: that's right. last week, union city, this weekend, fremont. people posing as snake hunters. the claim of a snake infestation on her street was so startling, this union city resident let her guard down.
10:31 pm
>> a little girl was beaten by the snake. so they're getting a lot of complaints. >> reporter: she led them through her home and into her backyard, supposedly to look for snakes. not a snake in sight, but as the imposter measured the yard for traps, her accomplice was inside stealing. >> saturday between 3 and 6:00. >> reporter: in fremont, it happened again. police are going door-to-door with a warning. >> she may be with another female. >> reporter: and looking at video from home security systems to help catch thieves. this time posing as animal control officers. >> they trust them. it's scary. >> reporter: they even had the fremont victim opening doors
10:32 pm
and cabinets, looking for non- existent snakes. >> they say, oh, my gosh, what is this? >> reporter: only later, finding her wallet empty did the first victim realize her upstairs bedrooms had been rummaged through, and all her jewelry, including pieces from her late husband, gone. >> i want the people to know, that anybody who comes over and try to talk to them, just tell them they're not interested, at all. >> reporter: what police hope to get from someone's home surveillance is a better look at the suspects. two women, possibly with a man and their vehicle, which may be a gray, or silver land rover. reporting live in fremont, debra villalon. police say a man who walked away with cash from a bay area casino was apparently targeted for his winnings, during a home invasion robbery. police were called to a home just after 12:30, a woman says
10:33 pm
she was in her garage when three men with guns forced them inside. then took her husband's winnings from a night of gambling. the three men are described as black, about 5'8", and 150 pounds. the city of east palo alto is getting an early start on its annual end of the year cite fighting effort. it has been carried out in the last three months of the year, when the city normally sees a spike in crime. this year, it's starting a month earlier. >> we need to react, we need to respond. >> reporter: starting this weekend, police will focus on gang intervention, drug enforcement, and community outrage. today, a former child psychologist was sentenced to eight years in prison for molesting his young patients. there was a tearful, and emotional reaction from his victims. >> reporter: victims of child psychologist, william ayres
10:34 pm
says he took advantage of his position, molesting the young patients he was supposed to be helping. >> disgusting. >> reporter: thomas, declined to give a last name, one of several who spoke in court today about the pain ayers caused him and the justice that simply took too long. >> i think this was retraumatizing on every level because of the duration of this proceeding. >> reporter: the district attorney agrees. >> this was a road that was way, way, way too long. >> reporter: the crimes took place in the 1990s, but weren't brought to light until much longer. the first trial ended with a mistrial and hung jury. >> hard to say, after seven years, it's hard to speak of the relief that it's now completed, and finally, he will be on his way to state prison. >> reporter: the 81-year-old was sentenced to 8 years for lewd, and luciferous acts on children under the age of 18. >> we need to make it easier
10:35 pm
for victims to speak out. i think that justice was served today. >> reporter: ayers family spoke on his behalf, saying this makes no sense, given the man they know, in addition to the eight years, ayers must pay a $10,000 fine, and register as a sex offender. some potentially damaging testimony today at a police corruption case against steven tonabe. christopher butlertestifyed today, that he was surprised when tonabe wanted cocaine in exchange for setting up help for drunk driving arrests. the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case tomorrow. san jose may be poised to be the latest bay area community to ban styrofoam
10:36 pm
containers. they will vote tomorrow on banning polystyrene containers and cups. some 70 california cities already ban styrofoam. kindergarteners missing class. >> the more that they're truant, the more they're missing learning. >> a major worry for the warriors. the latest obstacle that could keep them in oakland longer than expected. >> i'll have your timeline for when temperatures will reach into the 90s. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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find your career success in the bay area. learn how at it is the first day of classes for the oakland public schools. tonight, our back to school coverage focuses on tackling truancy in kindergarten. last year on average, 1 in 6
10:39 pm
kindergartners did not show up for class in oakland. a new effort now to turn that around. >> not so long ago, before she could even speak words. >> reporter: it was back to school but for these kindergarteners, it was the first day of school ever. part of the challenge will be make sure kindergarteners keep coming to class. last year, the number of students chronically absent, that is missing at least 18 days of school was about 10% districtwide, but in kindergarten it was 16%. reasons for truancy vary. some parents perhaps are not taking kindergarten seriously. >> too many of our students aren't in school. >> reporter: this father says getting his child to school
10:40 pm
each day won't be easy. the cost of truancy is also a blow to the district's budget. last year, oakland lost out on $2.2 million, enough to hire 30 new teachers. earlier this month, the district launched an antitruancy campaign, featuring oakland students. the message? don't miss school. ♪ [ music ] the district is also reaching out to parents about the importance of sending their kids to school every day. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our back to school coverage continues at and on our facebook page, we're postk back to school stories and some nostalgic photos of ktvu anchors and reporters. it could be another first for california. today, the state senate approved legislation to increase the number of women on their board of directors.
10:41 pm
the resolution calls on corporations with at least nine directors to include at least three women by december '16. a uc davis study released today found 45% of california's 400 largest publicly held companies have an all male board of directors. just 10% of the directors and highest paid executives in those companies are women. in silicon valley, just over 8% of board members in the study are women. nurse practitioners, certified nurse mid-wives, and physician assistants may soon be able to perform a type of early abortion in california. it now returns to the assembly. authors of the bill say it will be especially helpful to women who live in rural areas of the
10:42 pm
state and have difficulty traveling to an abortion provider. it appears the curtain will come down for the final time at this year's edition of shakespeare at santa cruz. the dean of arts at the university of california at santa cruz says this will be the final season of the theater company. it's been plagued by financial problems for years. according to the university, the company's debt will nearly be $2 million when the season ends this sunday, september 1. the warriors plan to move across the bay, getting more expensive. >> one thing is true. it's going to be a lot of money. >> what ktvu has learned about one costly item that is needed to support a new waterfront arena. >> meteorologist, rosemary orozco is tracking changing in our weather. >> plus, it has generated millions of tweets in less than 24 hours. the performance that just about everyone is talking about today. ah! woof!
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continuing coverage now of the proposed new arena on san francisco's waterfront. the golden state warriors grand plans, now appear to be more grand than first thought. at least when it comes to the cost. ktvu has obtained a document that the estimates to repair pier 31 and 32 are soaring higher. why it may impact looming deadlines. >> reporter: the golden state warriors plan to pack their bags for san francisco in time for the 2017-2018 season. but as with any big move, there are sometimes surprising new costs. >> one thing's for sure, it's going to be a lot of money. >> reporter: the warriors plan to build a new arena on the
10:46 pm
crumbling piers 31 and 32. but costs are soaring. estimated costs of rebuilding those piers has ballooned from 120 million, to 130 million, to $170 million. the city has tentatively promised to reimburse the warriors, only up to $120 million for the work through revenue generated by the project. >> every penny over $120 million is a direct subsidy. >> reporter: the news comes amid ongoing operations from those who say the project is being rushed, and that the arena is a bad fit here. >> why do we have to build anything at all? why not just tear down the piers? >> reporter: the team says the arena is the best chance to finally refurbish the eyesore.
10:47 pm
they face a tight schedule to move to san francisco in 2017. there are questions tonight about the death of an experienced northern california skydiver. 23-year-old andrew todd cover made the jump in davis about 6:00 p.m. saturday night near the yolo county airport. authorities say they found his body in a field about a mile from the drop zone. the skydiving company says his harness was fastened correctly. his driver's license say he is from san jose, but friends say he is from lodi. miley cyrus was mentioned 4.5 million times today on twitter after her performance at the video music awards in new york. the pop singer turned heads, as she gyrated with giant teddy bears, and simulated sex acts with a foam finger and was
10:48 pm
wearing a bikini. some are calling it a really disturbing performance. and brook shields called the performance, quote desperate. this is the official first day of the burning man festival. they expect 60,000 people to take part in this year's event. more than 370 pieces of art will be on display. the festival runs through labor day. we have settled into a really nice evening. the skies mostly clear, still at this hour, and temperatures in the upper 50s, low to mid- 60s. 63 in oakland right now, 63 redwood city. 61 santa rosa. mid-60s in fairfield. 66 still in concord. the winds generally light and onshore, half moon bay, a northwesterly breeze, and a northerly breeze helped to sweep away some of that low
10:49 pm
cloud cover over the coastline. again, still at this hour, looking at mostly clear skies. we do have that low cloud, and fog deck bank against the coastline here. pacifica, half moon bay, santa cruz, still mostly clear. you can see west edge of san francisco still mostly clear. just a few patches inside the bay. as we get started tomorrow morning, i think we're going to start out with a lot more sunshine, which is partly cloudy skies, and more clouds along the coastline. plenty of sun for the afternoon, and the ridge of high pressure building our way, warming us up over what we felt today. mostly sunny skies in store for you. the onshore breeze will stay with us. we have a trough parked off the coastline, and that will continue our on shore breeze. we're going to remain comfortable. the ridge of high pressure to the east. 80s inland. we've been running a little cool for this time of year, but this final week of august, we're going to be right about where we should be. as we start tomorrow morning.
10:50 pm
upper 50s, for hayward. mid-50s, redwood city. the marine layer has shrunk. 84 in sonoma tomorrow. low 80s for san rafael. 74 in oakland. low 70s san leandro. upper 80s for the east bay. a bit of a warm up for you. you should notice that by the second half of the day. 80degrees for san jose. 82 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula, it's going to be a pretty one. 77 san mateo. 68degrees for strain. along the coastline, we're getting in on some of the warmth. temperatures will continue to climb. it's a very subtle warm up. upper 80s, low 90s in the forecast. 70s around the bay. then as we get into the holiday weekend, temperatures are going to trend downward, back into
10:51 pm
the mid- to upper 80s for the inland cities. >> still very nice though. >> still very nice. >> thank you very much. a bill that would prevent the killing of some mountain lions is now on the governor's desk. it gives the department of fish and wildlife broader authority to pursue non-lethal measures when dealing with mountain lions in non-residential areas. state officials estimate there are between 4 and 6,000 mountain lions in california. mark's here now with sports. a good day for the a's, but it was a tough win. >> yeah, they've had some tough days, but today was a good one. one step forward, and two step backs of late. sidestepping the detroit tigers. the first of a four game series back there. the team that ko'ed them in the playoffs last year. crisp ripping the ball. breaks up a 2-2 tie with his
10:52 pm
14th homer. later, daric barton just back with the team from the minor leagues with a base hit. nate races around to score, just barely. it's a 5-4 lead after the tigers had tied it. later, coco with the glove. this guy is so important on both sides of the ball. robbing matt tuiasosopo. a.j. griffin, his first win for the month of august. a's, 2.5 back in the west. from here on out, every time you see a pitch in a giant's uniform, get a good look. these are the waning days of the barry zito era. they'll still run through a wall for the guy. exhibit 1a. hunter pence. this guy, every night giving it his all. didn't get the catch. face plant against the right field wall off the michael cuddyer drive. that's how it went for the
10:53 pm
giants. although hunter pence stayed in the ballgame, as a matter of fact. todd helton later, 363rd homer of his career. zito lasts only 4 innings. the opposing pitcher with a bloop hit. as we get closer to the nfl season, a lot of players a nervous wreck right now waiting to see if they make the team. the 49ers traded a family name. we'll tell you about it next.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
well you know when it comes to the 49er quarterback situation, there's one guy, and then there's everybody else. but the herd is thinning. gone, scott tolsin. the niners must make ten more roster cuts by tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. truth of the matter is, they are absolutely stacked at quite a few positions. linebacker is one of them. no room for the very
10:57 pm
serviceable veteran, paris hairleson, number 98. looking fairly back from a season ending tricep tear last season, but he's going to go to the new orleans saints in exchange for a conditional draft pick. probably a 7th rounder. the saints and niners will meet in november. it happens in men's sports. a big pileup after a walkoff homer. you very rarely see it in women's sports. look what happened after the bucket. her own teammate candace parker jumped on her, and the pile on. she's bloodied, but okay. that's candace parker right there. all in all, she's fine. seemed to take it with good humor. a little too much celebration. >> she's smiling about it. >> yeah, former stanford star. that's the sporting life for a monday night. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
10:58 pm
news breaks. >> we're always here for you at, on twitter, and on your mobile device. good night. >> good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
george: well, currently, the doors on the bathroom stalls here at the stadium don't offer much by way of privacy. but i was thinking if we extend the doors all the way to the floor-- all the way to the floor? are you out of your mind? you'd suffocate in there. you're lucky you have doors at all. you know, when i was in the army-- hey, costanza, what is that you're eating over there? that looks pretty tasty. it's a calzone, sir. calzone, huh? let's see it. pass that on down. let's get a little look at it. big stein wants a little taste. come on, come on. pass it down here. that's a good boy. ok. hey, what's in this thing? uh, cheese, pepperoni, eggplant. eggplant, huh? that's a hell of a thing. all right, all right. back to business. here you go. very good, very good. excellent little calzone you got there, costanza. ok. i'm a little jealous. all right. here we go. like i told you last week, the renovation
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